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Plenary Speaker

Claude Quevillon Lacasse, PhD

Metalinguistic Awareness at the Core of the Development of Bi-/Plurilingual Competencies?

While studies have shown that bi-/plurilingual individuals develop a wider metalinguistic awareness (MLA) (e.g., Bialystok, Peets & Moreno, 2014), the relationship between MLA and bi-/plurilingualism is still somewhat blurry. This is especially so given the diverse instructional settings in which approaches aiming at bridging instructed languages have been carried out and experimented (Ballinger, Lau & Quevillon Lacasse, 2020). In fact, the large spectrum of interventions designed to foster MLA and/or bi-/plurilingual competencies makes it hard to get a grasp of the whole picture. Moreover, the two constructs seem to overlap with other similar constructs, which are however associated with different theoretical foundations; could these be conceptualized as complementary? In this talk, we will explore the possible ties between MLA and bi-/plurilingualism in instructional settings by looking at psycholinguistic theories and empirical evidence from classroom-based practice. 

Claude Quevillon Lacasse is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. She is interested in the development of bi-/plurilingual competencies, meta-/crosslinguistic awareness, crosslinguistic pedagogy, grammar teaching and writing instruction, particularly through children's literature, and teacher training. She regularly gives workshops on her research interests, is the current president of the Association québécoise pour l'enseignement du français langue seconde (AQEFLS) and has participated in several professional development projects with language teachers.

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