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The research group

The Montreal Institute for Second Language Acquisition (MonISLA) – “mon” (my) in French, “isla”  (island) in Spanish – and ISLA (Instructed second language acquisition) in English, is an open group of researchers and students in applied linguistics and related disciplines from the University of Montreal, UQÀM, McGill University and Concordia University. 


Our vision

Montreal has been the origin of numerous second language research initiatives, and many world-renowned researchers with different theoretical and methodological frameworks. The city is unique as a multicultural and multilingual society.  


The mission of MonISLA is therefore to continue this tradition and further strengthen our research collaboration. With this collaborative, research-driven and inclusive mentality, MonISLA helps Montreal researchers make connections.  

The main mission is to bring “hallway chatter” – which often leads to interesting, cutting-edge research – to the city level, so that everyone supports everyone's research.

Our values

Our specific objectives


Share and develop research ideas.


Facilitate collaborative research.


Highlight Montreal as an important city for applied linguistics research


Allow and maintain a dialogue between research and pedagogy.


Support the training of postgraduate students.


Contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of second language acquisition

Our potential future goals

  • Announce the team internationally (via a website, social networks, etc.)

  • Expand the network to include other universities near Montreal

  • Request funding to support research and dissemination activities

  • Create a journal, organize a conference, etc.

  • Serve as a center of expertise for media-related matters

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